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Bespoke Software Development & App Development Services

Software Development Services

Bespoke Software Development: We specialise in working with customers to understand their requirements for a tailored or custom software development. Our services include doing a detailed due-diligence between bespoke software development and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software. Please click on link below to find how our bespoke software development service can help you.

Agile Software Development: Recently our software development processes are managed using Agile methodology. By using this iterative and incremental method of managing the build activities of the software module, we can provide highly flexible approach to quality software development. We have in-house Scrum masters who will methodologically design and deliver each software sprint.

IT Consulting: We provide IT Consulting services to range of global enterprises. Our services include IT networking, server infrastructure, project management, project risk register and product or mobile app launch for start-ups. We not only provide the technical knowledge but also the experience build over number of years in working with various enterprises such as BBC, Network Rail, National Grid, Total or Shell.

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  • Government Procurement Service
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