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Railway Signalling Risk Management, Railway Safety and SORAT

Rail Risk Management with RSK Business Solutions

Signal Overrun Risk Assessment: Since the release of the SORAT system in 2013 RSK Business Solutions Ltd have assessed over 3,000 Signals and have the largest dedicated team of SORAT risk assessors outside of Network Rail.

Level Crossing Risk Assessment: RSK Business Solutions Ltd have carried out both Suitable and Sufficient Risk Assessments for Level Crossing renewals and also SORAT-LX Risk Assessments for Signals protecting Level Crossings.

Other Operational Risk Assessment: As well as SORAT and Level Crossing Risk Assessments, RSK Business Solutions Ltd can assess other operational issues such Risk Assessment of Trap Points, Permissive Working, Warner Class Routes, Reduced Overlaps, Restricted Overlaps, SASSPAD Reviews, Dispatch procedures, Overbraking, Underbraking and Derailment.

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